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    A responsive and feature rich property website where estate agents can submit videos of homes for sale and buyers can easily do video viewings of available homes for sale at a convenient time for them, any time of the day or night from anywhere in the world!

    Homes For Sale using Video!

    We are connected with estate agents all over the UK. We want to give you as much choice as possible when it comes to choosing your home.


    Buyers, view properties using video

    We know you are busy and we know you are trying to choose a home. You might not be in the UK! By putting up videos of homes for sale, we can make life easy for you. Real easy! Grab a drink, sit back and do as many viewings as you like!

    Estate agents, get maximum exposure!

    Are you a estate agents? Let us enable you to get world wide exposure on all your properties! Have people do viewings of your homes from all over the world at any time of the day or night. More exposer can mean quicker sales!


    Estate agents, Submit Your Property

    Estate agents, submitting your home is really easy. Take a video of your property, register for free and upload your video and the home details. We put it LIVE straight away and publish it on our Twitter account and on Facebook. We even give you QR codes and short links for each individual home on Register here now.

    Square Visual Homes - 2 bedroom flat in Calgary Court Romford – RM7

    This is what Square Visual is all about. Why just look at pictures when you can look at beautiful video of the home you want to buy. Why spend hours travelling around the city when you can put your feet up and watch the video of the New Home for sale as if you was actually there!

    Why wait? View it Now! …. Click play on the video

    Agent – Square Visual Homes
    Property - 2 bedroom flat in Calgary Court Romford – RM7
    Price – £185,000
    Bathrooms – 1
    bedrooms – 2
    En-Suite – 1

    Location – Romford, London

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